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Technical Service

We will propose new menus, new products, and sales promotion strategies such as regular seminars and individual technical guidance. Our strength is that we can plan new ideas that will be useful to our customers, not just selling things, but also mixing usage guidance and trend information on the latest products.

Whole Grain Bread

Training &


Marubishi's development department has a history of over 30 years. We have specialists who have refined specialized fields, and will assemble new menus and recipes based on the vast ingredients purchased from manufacturers. In-house training is indispensable for each staff member to deepen their knowledge of the huge amount of products handled. In addition, we actively conduct workshops for customers to guide them on the latest ingredients and technologies. From large-scale workshops with first-class chefs to small-scale workshops where sales and development staff visit customers. Encountering new ingredients and technologies stimulates the sensibility of professional customers. We believe that opportunities to hone your skills will lead to the prosperity of your store and, in turn, to the development of the entire food industry.

Marubishi's annual “food” festival is the Food Machinery and Raw Materials Exhibition, commonly known as the “General Exhibition”. Information dispatch event held on the largest scale in Kyushu, gathering the latest ingredients and trends from each manufacturer and trading company. Diverse customers visit more than 10,000 people every year. Even here, the course of the chef is a popular event. The hot eyes of professionals rushing from inside and outside Kyushu gather. The comprehensive exhibition is an oasis of information and a treasure trove of hints, and is one of the most important events as a “pipe for the food industry”. I believe that the exchanges and new ideas born here will contribute to the improvement of the food industry as a whole.


To keep your store loved. To that end, sales strategies such as the development of new menus and products and regular fairs are essential. Maruryo's strength is that it not only purchases a wide variety of ingredients from all over the world, but also mixes consumer needs and the latest trend information to plan new ideas that may help customers. For example, a bakery specialist with national qualifications devised recipes that use new ingredients through trial production. A wine representative with the knowledge and sense of a sommelier will carefully select wines according to the dishes.


We combine abundant ingredients and various expertise to propose new menus and fairs tailored to your store. Private brand products can be planned because they are between the manufacturer and the customer. For example, soft flour for patisserie. For female patissiers, handling a 25 kg powder bag in a kitchen is a painstaking process and is easy for patisserie lined with cakes. I was also worried about the delicate, beautiful, and rugged design. We want to deliver soft flour, which is the basis for making cakes, to meet the needs of the site. The product of the sales staff who came to customers was born from the private brand “Atorige”. The size of one bag is 10kg, and the design has been changed to suit the patisserie. The trigger was just a small notice. But that was an idea that came from looking at the field up close.

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