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Business Services

We offer a wide range of ONE STOP services from store design, raw material and equipment supply, and technical guidance.

We attach great importance to each staff's professional development. We believe that working together to solve any problems associated with your store. In addition to delivering ingredients, we also have a defensive scope of store design that occurs during opening and renewal. As a specialist in the field of food, we will support you to make your shop attractive and prosperous. One of Maruhishi's strengths is that we can make proposals for materials other than raw materials such as manufacturing flow, selection of equipment considering work efficiency, kitchen design, store design that captures consumer flow, and displays.
Specialized staff are deployed at each site to enable immediate maintenance. Able to present solutions from both software and hardware to solve a single problem. Work with sincerity, putting in the knowledge and skills you have. We aim to be “Only One Food Advisor”.

Maruhishi handles about 20,000 kinds of ingredients. The three-dimensional automated warehouse at the headquarters is waiting for these various foods to be delivered to customers. Many kinds of powder bags piled up high and wine placed under strict temperature control. Aircraft shrimp alive by air is alive in a well-managed water tank. In order to quickly deliver abundant ingredients to customers around the world, Maruhishi has set up a sales office in the Kyushu / Yamaguchi area circle centered on the Kumamoto headquarters. We are developing a dynamic logistics network that connects more than 100 vehicles. All the movements of goods, from arrival / shipment to inventory management, are managed collectively by computer.
However, what is important is the heart of each employee. Although the warehouse staff may have few opportunities to interact with customers, they are proud to support the deliciousness and excitement created by customers behind the scenes. The warehouse is a pump that delivers products, and is the heart of Maruryo's logistics. It can be said that the sense of mission and responsibility overflowing in the field symbolizes Maruryo's heart. The basics of wholesale are to deliver the necessary products quickly and accurately. That is why the sincere efforts of each and every person that can not be done with the machine alone are the power of Maruryo and are producing results.


wholesale & Distribution


Product and development 22.png
Product and development 22.png

Ingredient 原料


We provide abundant ingredients according to each store, including dozens of flours. A variety of private brands (Chateau Blanc) such as Atrege and Bresoleil are also available. Along with the recommended ingredients, we will also introduce recipes devised by confectionery bread specialists.

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Package / promotional tools We will also effectively develop new products and seasonal fairs for sales promotion tools such as store-specific packages and store-oriented POPs.

Image by Joe Pregadio
Image by Olenka Kotyk
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The equipment to be delivered according to the size of the kitchen and the characteristics of the product can be used not only for existing products but also for tailor-made design. Specialized staff are assigned to each base, including the head office, to quickly respond to maintenance after delivery.

/> We also sell equipment for manufacturing.

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